Thursday, May 2, 2019

April 9th, 2019 - Draft Minutes

The meeting started at 6:05 PM.  

Present: Howard Bloomberg, Ped safety organization; Cyndi Bakir, Bike org; Howard Strassner, transit or enviro org; Andrew Jacobs, D-2; Gabrielle Haug, D-3; Martin Rawlings-Fein, D-4; Kevin Stull, D-9; Thomas Rogers, D-10; John Winston, SFUSD. Excused: Becky Hogue, Senior and Disability, D-5; Bettina Cohen, D-6; Evy Posamentier, D-8,  Absent: Meredith Osborn, D-8; Jacqueline Chavez, D-11. There are currently 14 appointed members. Staff: Michael Jacobson


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approve Agenda
    1. Motion to approve agenda: John
    2. Seconded: Howard S. 
    3. Ayes: 10 Nos: 0
      1. Agenda approved
  4. Approve Minutes from March
    1. Motion to approve minutes with minor amendments: Thomas
    2. Seconded: Howard S. 
    3. Ayes: 10 Nos: 0
      1. Minutes approved
  5. General Public Comment
    1. No general public comment
  6. SF Police Department Report 

Sgt Embody and Lt Noble

  • No date: 37th and Folsom, 2103 hours, 91 yr old female crossing against a red light, struck by a vehicle
  • 3/27/19: 0643 hours, 2nd and Bryant, dump truck made left turn and struck ped, the driver stayed at the scene and was apprehended, the pedestrian suffered skull fracture
  • 2/26/19: fatal, California and 18th, sedan hit elderly female, fled the scene, ped was crossing lawfully, suspect vehicle as silver 4 door sedan, open investigation
  • 3/24/19: 91 yr old female, driving on John Muir, struck teenager and parent, teenager passed away, driver charged with manslaughter
  • 3/27/19: ped on the sidewalk, the driver struck ped, the driver was arrested, 2nd and Townsend
  • 2/20/19: a man in a wheelchair was crossing against red, the vehicle struck ped, the driver fled, 4 door sedan dark color, a broken leg 

  • Traffic company: Solos drivers on a motorcycle
  • Had a class come through
  • Somewhere between 40-60 officers in this company total
  • Probably about 10 people on the streets at a given time
  • All patrol officers are responsible for traffic enforcement
  • Hard to keep up with attrition and finding qualified applicants

  • Between 4-5 pedestrian fatalities in SF so far this year
  • PSAC may be able to help the Dept of Engineering in the sense of surveying priority intersections in SF and providing recommendations and feedback on the intersections

           7. Vision Zero Legislation and Funding