Sunday, November 11, 2018

Draft Minutes September 11, 2018

Draft Minutes September 11, 2018

Meeting started at 6:00 PM.

Present: Howard Bloomberg, Walk Advocate; Becky Hogue, Senior and Disability Org; Kevin Stull, D-9; Bettina Cohen, D-6; Meridith Osborn, D-5; Evy Posamentier, D-8; Howard Strassner, Transit or Environmental Advocate; Thomas Rogers, D-10; and John Winston, SFUSD. Excused: Martin Fein, D-4 and Andrew Jacobs, D-2. Absent: Jacquie Chavez, D-11. There are currently 12 appointed members. Vacant Seats: D-1,3,7, Bicycle Org and Senior Org. Staff: Victoria Chong left early due to illness.

1. Comment Public: Catherine Orland, BAC: BAC passed a resolution to create two shopping zones on Valencia, as a pilot project, to eliminate through traffic. PSAC Comments: Concerned with blue and yellow parking zones. A sketch will make the proposal easier to follow.

2. SFPD Report: Sgt. Embody: A) On 9/7 83 year old man was injured while crossing outside cross walk. B) On 8/8 58 old was injured by hit and run and died six days later. C) On 8/31 14 year old injured while crossing in cross walk.

D) On 8/14 bicyclist crossing on red was hit by drunk driver. E) Bus driver in out of control bus on Lombard probably had a medical condition.

3. SFPD Traffic Company Staffing: Luke Martin, Capitan: Total staff is at all time low of 43 spread over two shifts and seven days. In addition to traffic enforcement they also are called to escort dignitaries and for funerals. Current first priority for police service is homeless. Second priority is for foot patrols. All SFPD officers are supposed to enforce traffic violations Bob Planthold: Pedestrian Safety advocate for 41 years: In 1990s the company had 109 staff. Last police training class was five years ago. Red light citations are decreasing and one traffic court is closing due to lack of citations. There is too much plea bargaining to eliminate points which could cause loss of a driving license and 80 to 90% of citations are contested requiring police presence. The first step toward more police classes is to find out the cost of a class. Yellow cross walks are slippery and little can be done except being very careful. Red light cameras have not helped enforcement and red light cameras are being shut down. PSAC: Who is responsible for red light cameras? Would different paint be useful?

4. Minutes: Approved August minutes with spelling corrections.

5. Muni Forward: Steve Boland: Presented on Third Street. SFMTA: PSAC Comments: What are the stop spacing standards? There are problems with double right turn lanes. There is a need for a bike lane on the left side of 3rd street connecting Howard and Folsom. We need more day lighting for curbs. Was fire truck access considered on 3rd St? There seems to be an overlap on the work on 2nd and 4th streets. Cars turning right on red lights are dangerous for pedestrians.

6. PSAC Bylaws: Meridith: Cleaned up old bylaws. Tabled due to lack of quorum.

7. Chair’s Report: Becky: Will miss next month for an operation. Vice-chair Kevin will chair the October meeting.

8. Future Items: New: Annual Report, Becky; Scooters, Stuart; Upper Market; Vision Zero; Muni Equity and Public Health. Along with name of responsible member: Older: A) Issues from BAC, Howard S; B) Speed Cameras. C) Chinatown, Stuart; D) Uber and Chariot; E) Road rage, Evy

9. Adjournment: 7:30. Next scheduled regular meeting is Tuesday, October 9, Room 400 at 6:00. Howard S and Kevin took notes.