Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Draft Minutes, June 12, 2018

Meeting started at 6:05 PM.

Present: Howard Bloomberg,Walk Advocate; Jacquie Chavez, D-11; Becky Hogue, Senior and Disability Org; Kevin Stull, D-9; Bettina Cohen, D-6; Martin Fein, D-4; Andrew Jacobs, D-2; Meredith Osborn, D-5; Howard Strassner, Transit or Environmental Advocate; Thomas Rogers, D-10; Stuart Watts, D-3 and Jon Winston, SFUSD. Excused: Absent: Evy Posenentico, D-8. There are currently 13 appointed members. Staff: Victoria Chong.


1. SFPD Report: Sgt. Embody: A) No new incidents and no new information on recent past incidents.

2. Geary Rapid Project: Liz Brisson, SFMTA presented: This is the first part, from Market to Arguello. Geary has an average of 26 injury collisions per year and bus and pedestrian bulbs plus medians and longer crossing times should help. Buses will run along the curb in a mostly bus lane and this plus transit signal priority will improve speed and reliability. The Buchanan pedestrian bridge will remain as a neighborhood icon. The Steiner bridge will be removed because 80% of those crossing use the surface. The Geary bus route from Arguello westward will be more costly, center running and work will start later. The transition from center to side running will have a transit “jump” signal stopping all other traffic. Future Muni will be all electric. PSAC Comments: 

A) Countdown signal lights seem to be fading and should be checked. 

B) The north side of Geary at Masonic needs a median to provide safety for very slow walkers, as discussed in a PSAC Resolution. The south side includes a median as part of the Masonic project. C) Additional injuries show up at the hospital a few days after the collision.

3. SFMTA Report: Victoria Chong: 

A) Answered PSAC questions from our April meeting via an email. B) Work on Masonic is nearly complete. C) Safer Taylor has a scheduled outreach meeting.

4. Para Transit: Johnson Cheng, SFMTA, presented: A slide show describing: ADA mandate, Scope, Fares, Reservations, Service and Training. The slide show will be submitted via email.

5. Side Walk Parking Enforcement Resolution: Jon: presented: Discussed limited enforcement and described some additions to the resolution as published. PSAC voted unanimously to support.

6. Members Reports: 

A) Howard S: Our resolution on Stockton Street bus lane and wider sidewalks was not supported by the Bicycle Coalition, Walk SF or the Sierra Club. It seems that the Chinatown neighborhood defines Transit First for themselves. 

B) Jacquie: Walk to School week will add Car Pool and Transit week.

C) Meredith: District five is working to make the signage for Ninth, Seventh and Fifth, and approaches to Golden Gate Park safer for pedestrians.

7. Bylaws Update: Our revised Ordinance should have revised bylaws. Meredith will produce a draft update of the bylaws.

8. Chair’s Report: Becky: Needs some input, from PSAC members for future meetings. Martin offered to help for July.

9. Future Items: New: Annual Report, Becky; Scooters, Stuart; Upper Market; Vision Zero; Muni Equity and Public Health. Along with name of responsible member: Older: 

A) Issues from BAC, Howard S

B) Speed Cameras. 

C) Chinatown, Stuart

D) Uber and Chariot; 

E) Road rage, Evy

10. Adjournment: 7:35. Next scheduled regular meeting is Tuesday, July 10, 2018 Room 400 at 6:00. Howard S. took notes.