Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Draft Minutes February 13, 2018

Meeting started at 6:00 PM.

Present: Howard Bloomberg, Walk Advocate; Becky Hogue, Senior and Disability Org; Meredith Osborn, D-5; Evy Posenentico, D-8; Howard Strassner, Transit or Environmental Advocate; Thomas Rogers, D-10; Kevin Stull, D-6; Stuart Watts, D-3 and John Winston, SFUSD. Excused: Martin Fein, D-4. Absent: Kevin Clark,
D-1; Jacquie Chavez, D-11; and Dan Golub, D-2. There are currently 13 appointed members. Staff: Victoria Chong


1. SFMTA Capital Budget: Luis Montoya presented: A) Budget was $3.6 Billion over five years, including LRVs, new buses and the Central Subway. B) The new budget is $2.8 Billion mostly for transit facilities and about $1 Billion for streets, pedestrians and bicycles with about 75% of this in high injury streets. He distributed a list of these projects. Some money will be held for newly discovered needs. C) Only 43% of all trips (as determined by survey) are in a private auto. D) Annual traffic deaths are down to 14 pedestrians and 6 in autos.

2. SFPD Report: Sgt. Embody and Captain Vaswani presented: A) The Captain’s 25 years in the SFPD includes: Being Captain in Bay View where he dealt with changes in the traffic pattern due to new developments; Park Station where he dealt with pedestrians and bikes and investigated injuries and deaths. B) He distributed copies of the December and annual fatality numbers. C) SFPD wrote 80,000 tickets in 2017. D) Future: He will work with neighborhood stations to help on problem streets. They are beginning to use E data to study causes of pedestrian problems. They have only 39 motorcycle officer down from 70. He is getting involved in automated cars. 

PSAC Comments: Are reduced speeds due to congestion a factor in reduced pedestrian fatalities.

3. Minutes: PSAC approved the November and January minutes.

4. Stockton Street Mall Resolution: Howard S. presented: PSAC voted 9-0 to support a Resolution Requesting Converting Lower Stockton Street to a Pedestrian Mall.

5. Distracted Walking Resolution; Evy presented: Some comments: this seems to blaming the victim. PSAC voted 3-6 and the resolution was not supported.

6. SFMTA Report: Victoria Chong: A) Para Transit: SFMTA oversees the contractor. Funded by grants from State Federal and SF. B) Working on area safety designs. Victoria will send Becky info for distribution. C) Our website includes agendas, minutes and resolutions. PSAC Comments: Beige painted corner bulbs are not visible. Oakland uses purple or could be orange for Giants.

7. Chairs Report: Becky: A) Bicycle member should be on board soon. B) Becky will ask the SFMTA if we can meet at One Van Ness at 5:30. C) Annual report to Supervisors will include PSAC: agendas; minutes; resolutions and handouts.

11. Members Reports: A) John W: A group has formed to work for funding for the Ocean Ave safety improvements.

12. Future Items: New: Upper Market; Vision Zero; Muni Equity and Public Health. Along with name of responsible member: Older: A) Issues from BAC, Howard S; B) Speed Cameras. C) Annual Report; D) Chinatown, Stuart; E) Uber and Chariot; F) Road rage, Evy

13. Public Comments: Andrew Jacobs: Considering joining PSAC from D-2. Concerned with high injury California street with two lanes each way.

14. Adjourned 7:45. Next scheduled regular meeting is Tuesday, March 13, 2018 Room 400 at 6:00. Howard S. took notes.

PSAC Agenda, April 10, 2018

City Hall, Room 400, 6PM
  1. Call to Order (2 minutes)

  1. Roll Call and introduction of new members (5 minutes)

  1. Approve Agenda (2 minutes)

  1. Approve March Minutes (5 minutes)

  1. General Public Comment (10 minutes)

  1. SF Police Department Report
    1. Sgt. Embody (10 minutes)

  1. ConnectSF Presentation (20 minutes)
    1. ConnectSF Staff

  1. SFMTA Report, Sidewalk Parking Questions
    1. Victoria Chong (10 minutes)

  1. Bike, scooter shares in SF
    1. Stuart Watts

  1. Uber Autonomous Vehicles, Walk to Work Day
    1. Bettina Cohen

  1. Bike and Roll to School Week
    1. Jacquie Zapata

  1. Annual Report
    1. Becky Hogue

  1. Members Reports

  1. Future Items

  1. Adjournment