Saturday, September 9, 2017

October 8, 2017 Minutes

Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee
Draft Informal Minutes (No Quorum) October 8, 2017

Meeting started at 6:05 PM.

Present: Rick Johnson, D7; Thomas Rogers, D10; Kevin Clark, D1; Jon Winston, SFUSD; Kevin Stull, D6 and Stuart Watts, D3. Excused Absent: Jacquie Chavez, D-11; Becky Hogue, Senior and Disability Org;  Evy Posenentico, D-8; Howard Strassner, Transit or Environmental Advocate; Howard Bloomberg, Walk Advocate; Dan Golub, D-2; Trevor McNeil, D-4 and Meredith Osborn, D-5.

There are currently 14 appointed members.

Vice Chair Kevin Stull presided in Chair Becky Hogue’s absence.

1. Priyoti Ahmed, Transportation Planner at San Francisco County Transportation Authority, reported on Vision Zero Ramp Study.

Addressed developing improvements in five ramped intersections around SOMA in need of signal upgrades, including timing of signals and leading pedestrian intervals. Also new crosswalks and lane restriping. They are gathering feedback to formulate recommendations to implement changes in a five year period, if not sooner.

2. Safe Passage, Tenderloin 2 year Assessment: Kevin Stull Presented.

Streets are very unsafe for kids on their way to school and after school programs. The parents decided to form a volunteer group to “build a culture of safety’ for the 3500 neighborhood children. Volunteers help at intersection. Incidents down 80% along Tenderloin Safe Passage Routes.

3. Senior and Disability Action Network Report: Pi Ra presented.

SADN got money from DPH in 2016 to identify pedestrian concerns. Started a campaign around the top issue, crosing times. Since 1992 crossing times have been 4.5 feet per second. They would like to change the time to 3ft/sec.

4. Informal Discussion Items: A) Rick Johnson reported that Supervisor Yee is trying to prohibit autonomous delivery robots that use the sidewalk. B) Kevin Clark expressed frustration that Outside lands is appropriating roads as well as meadows in Golden Gate Park.

5. Future Items:

  1. Supervisor Yee’s proposed prohibition of delivery robots on the sidewalk
  2. New, updated Severe Injury Network Map.

Meeting adjourned 7:30 PM