Thursday, August 3, 2017

June 16 2017 minutes

Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee
Draft Informal Minutes (No Quorum) June 16, 2017

Meeting started at 6:05 PM.

Present: Jacquie Chavez, D-11; Becky Hogue, Senior and Disability Org; Rick Johnson, D-7; Evy Posenentico, D-8; Thomas Rogers, D-10; Howard Strassner, Transit or Environmental Advocate; Stuart Watts, D-3 and John Winston, SFUSD. Excused: Absent: Howard Bloomberg, Walk Advocate; Kevin Clark, D-1; Dan Golub, D-2; Trevor McNeil, D-4; Kevin Stull, D-6 and Meredith Osborn, D-5. There are currently 14 appointed members. Staff:


1. SFPD Report: Sgt. Embody: A) No new collisions. B) Expect to press charges on last month’s Mission collision. Marijuana was involved. C) SFPD has experts on many drugs. CA has to develop marijuana standards. D) Utah lowered alcohol standard to 0.05.

2. Informal Discussion Items: A) D-6: Adding parking protected lanes and working on more lanes; New mid-block crossing near Bessie Carmichael School, with signs and bulbs; B) Uber and Lift: Fees, impact on Muni and congestion; C) SFPD may not be citing violations that are not “Focus on the Five” D) Ocean Ave: John Winston will meet with Association and Supervisor. E) Using Muni bus cameras to cite violators.

3. Columbus Ave Scramble: Stuart Presented: A) Proposed Resolution: (after the meeting it was determined that a scramble was not feasible because the length of diagonal for this five way intersection was too long.) B) There is an educational video for pedestrians to help limit their self endangerment.

4. Chair’s Report: Becky: A) Members should report on pedestrian items in their neighborhood. B) Many member terms end this month. C) We need a bike member on PSAC and Pedestrian person on BAC. D) Permanent SFMTA liaison may be available soon. E) Ellen not continuing

5. Future Items: Along with name of responsible member: For July by SFMTA Kearney Street For 5/17: Lombard Street. For 6/17 Safe Passage to School. Older: A) Issues from BAC, Howard S; B) Distracted walking, Becky and Speed Cameras. C) Annual Report; D) Chinatown, Stuart; E) Uber and Chariot; F) Mission Zero: G) Have MTA come to discuss lack of progress of Vision Zero; H) Road rage, Evy and I) Lower Stockton Street as a Mall, Howard S.

6. Adjourned 7:30. Next scheduled regular meeting is Tuesday, July 11, 2017, Room 400 at 6:00. Howard S. took notes.