Friday, May 5, 2017

May 9 2017 Meeting agenda

May 9, 2017, 6pm 
City Hall Room 400 

1) Call to Order. (2 minutes) 
2) Roll Call Introduction (5 minutes) 
3) Approve Agenda (5 minutes) 
4) Approve Minutes (5 minutes) Action Item 
5) General Public Comment (15 minutes) 
6) Police Department Report (10 minutes) – Sgt. Embody 
7) Lombard Street Study 20 minutes) Information – Andrew Heidel (SFCTA) 
8) District 1 NTIP (10 minutes), SFMTA 
9) MTA Report, Neal Patel 
10) Vision Zero (5 minutes) – Stuart Watts 
11) Member Reports (15 minutes) 
12) Chairs report (10 minutes) 
13) Future Items. (5 minutes) 
14) Adjournment 

Minutes March 14, 2017 Meeting

Minutes March 14, 2017 
Meeting started at 6:05 PM. 

Present: Howard Bloomberg, Walk Advocate; Jacquie Chavez, D-11; Kevin Clark, D-1; Becky Hogue, Senior and Disability Org; Evy Posenentico, D-8; Thomas Rogers, D-10; Howard Strassner, Transit or Environmental Advocate; Kevin Stull, D-6; Stuart Watts, D-3 and John Winston, SFUSD. Excused: Absent: Dan Golub, D-2; Meredith Osborn, D-5; Trevor McNeil, D-4 and Ellen Zhou, D-9. There are currently 14 appointed members. Staff: Neal Patel, SFMTA. 

1. SFPD Report: Sgt. Embody: A) Collisions on private property, Cala on Mission, count against Vision Zero. The driver will be charged. This parking lot needs some safety improvements but it is not known if they can be required. B) Reviewed other recent collisions. 

2. SFMTA Report: Neal Patel: A) Working on the Embarcadero to improve safety and capacity of the shared walkway/bicycle track. B) Lanes on Seventh and Eighth Street are being removed to slow traffic and provide a bike lane. C) Planning is starting to make the residential Page Street, more comfortable for pedestrians and bicyclists as a ”neighbor way” including possible raised cross walks and reduced automobile traffic. D) Monterey will be getting two pedestrian flashing lights and an overall study will be starting. E) Seventeenth and Church tracks are a problem for bicyclists which fall into track space, leading to collisions. These tracks are essential to get vehicles to and from the barn even though they are not part of a Metro revenue line. Available flange fillers don’t work with light weight vehicles. PSAC: Monterey had another collision. Some pedestrians need more education on how to cross streets. Pedestrian was hit by hit and run driver at Market and Noe. JFK Drive needs painted cross walks at 41st and 43rd. Have to work with Park and Rec. Status of proposals to make Haight Street a mall with buses. Problem with Allemany intersections. Public Comment: SFMTA should work with volunteer painters to save money. 

3. Minutes: PSAC voted to approve January and February minutes. 

4. Ocean Avenue: John Presented: PSAC approved Funding Ocean Avenue Corridor Project with some minor typos to be corrected. 

5. Social Media: John Winston: Presented: A) PSAC site should work as well as BAC, Howard will work with Neal. B) John will work with Stuart to make our sites outside of the SFMTA work better. C) We can get rid of older sites by contacting the host. 

6. Vision Zero: Stuart: Long summary report on collisions: Some findings: Most collisions with senior males on Market. SFPD Commander: will do more enforcement.

7. Chair’s Report: Becky: A) Birthdays: John, Kevin S, and Jacquie. B) Thomas got engaged. C) Members should select an agency to be a liaison. D) Walk and roll to school in April. E) Walk to work April 6.

8. Future Items: Along with name of responsible member: For 4/17: Thank WalkSF Nicole Ferrara, Kevin S; Idaho stops, Howard S; Distracted walking, Becky and Speed Cameras. For 5/17: Lombard Street. Older: A) Annual Report; C) Chinatown, Stuart; D) Uber and Chariot; E) Mission Zero: F) High Risks on Allemany near farmers market, Ellen; G) Have MTA come to discuss lack of progress of Vision Zero; H) Road rage, Evy and I) Lower Stockton Street as a Mall, Howard S. 

9. Adjourned 7:30. Next scheduled regular meeting is Tuesday, April 11, 2017, Room 400 at 6:00. Howard S. was note taker. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

From WalkSF:


For Immediate Release: May 1, 2017
CONTACT: Cathy DeLuca, Interim Executive Director, 415.610.8025,

Two People Killed in Two Days,
Walking in San Francisco

San Francisco, CA – In the last two days, two people were killed while walking on two of San Francisco’s most dangerous streets. While not all the information from the crash investigations is available, the San Francisco Police Department has reported that a 77-year-old woman was killed on Saturday night while crossing the street near Lake Merced. Early this morning, a second person was killed at the Market and Octavia Street freeway on-ramp.

This year, three of the five people who have been killed while walking in San Francisco were seniors. These statistics reflect the greater risk seniors face on the city’s streets. While seniors make up only 14% of the city’s population, they are victims in 60% of fatal traffic crashes.

Both of the recent crashes happened on high-injury corridors––the 12% of San Francisco streets where 70% of crashes happen—making these tragic events both predictable and preventable.

In addition to high-risk locations, another known high-risk factor in traffic violence is speed. If a person is hit by a car going 20 miles per hour, that person has a 90% chance of survival. However, if that same person is hit by a car going 40 miles per hour, their chance of surviving plummets to only 20%. For seniors, like the woman who lost her life near Lake Merced on Saturday, their chance of surviving a crash involving a car traveling at 40 mph is barely 8%!

We can improve the odds for everyone. The California State legislature is considering AB 342, the Safe Speeds Act of 2017, to enable San Francisco to pilot the use of safety cameras (also known as automated speed enforcement), a tool that has been proven to reduce speeding and save lives.

AB 342, authored by Assemblymember David Chiu, is supported by a broad cross-section of groups: the San Francisco Police Department, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Senior and Disability Action, San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, and many other community groups.

Last week, AB 342 was converted to a two-year bill. Each day the bill is delayed, the more people are at risk on our streets. Walk SF and our Vision Zero Coalition partners will continue to push Sacramento lawmakers for the passage of this life-saving legislation to stop these preventable tragedies and ensure the City can meet its Vision Zero goal to end all severe and fatal traffic crashes by 2024.